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Bài hát: Love Me (Piano)

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Bài hát: Love Me (Piano) - Yiruma

I searched
for your eyes and find myself alone in the darkness of sadness
and thought that I would have been dreaming of your arms embracing me

and tell i'd let my arms wrapped your tears cause I'd be here
I will let you feel that I am at your side make you feel that I didn't leave
Let your voice be my choice as I go to the world without you now
Hold my hand and I will flee not to let you go (to let you go away)

the kiss
that I have miss
to hold in your hands that I have missed
is until now I feel so regret please hear me say I am sorry cause

When I pray,i cried to say
I always ask to HE
why he has to take you away
And my tears turns to gray
in your smile will I find another way
to escape the loneliness
I feel o please don't let go of my hands cause I can't hear you say

I miss you please stay