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Bài hát: Could This Be Love

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Lời bài hát

Woke up this morning,
Just sat in my bed,
8 a.m first thing in my head,
Is a certain someone,
Who's always on my mind,
He treats me like a lady in everyway,
He smiles and warms me through up the day,
Should I tell him I love you,
Wish I knew what to say!

Could this be love that I feel,
So strong, so deep and so real,
If I lost you would I ever heal,
Could this be love that I feel? (2)

The way he looks,
So deep in my eyes,
Our hearts are so warm,
I just wanna cry,
Then he's so hardworking,
He wants to be someone.

Should I tell him that I love you,
What if he doesn't say it too,
I'm getting so nervous,
What should I do


Will it be my turn,
Two hearts beating together as one,
No more loneliness,
Only love, laughter and fun