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Bài hát: Backstabber

Thể loại: Pop

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Kesha - Backstabber

Bored, stoned, sitting in your basement
All alone, cause your little conversations
Got around, now look here what we all found out
(Look here what we found, look here we all found out)
That you have got a set of loose lips, twisting stories
All because you're jealous
Now I know exactly what you're all about
So this is what you're all about
Girl, your such a backstabber
Oh girl, you're such a *** talker
And everybody knows it (everybody knows it)
Girl, your such a backstabber,
Run your mouth more than everyone I've ever known
(Talk talk talk talk talk talk)
I'm sick and tired of hearing all about my life
From other bitches with all of your lies
Wrapped up so tight, so maybe you should shut your mouth,
shut your mouth , shut your *** mouth
Honestly, I think it's kinda funny that you waste
Your breath talking about me
Got me feeling kinda special really (so this is what your all about)
Katie's to the left there just there ripping my style
Damn, Jeanie why you gotta tell the secrets about my *** life?
All I ever did was drive your broke ass around
Pick you up, take you out
When your car broke down
Backstabber (3x)
(Taking and twisting and telling, so manipulative)
(Talk talk talk) Backstabber
Oh girl uhu, you're looking like a lunatic
Everybody knows it (everybody knows it)
Everybody knows
Yeah you're looking like a lunatic
And everybody knows
Yeah everybody knows