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Bài hát: Cinderella Man

Thể loại: R&B/Hip Hop/Rap

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Lời bài hát

you know technically,
im not even really supposed to be here right now,
so * it,
might as well make the most of it.

ahh ah ah ah eh eh eh eh ehhh

yeah, haha
feels good,
guess im lucky,
some of us don't get a second chance.
but i aint blowing this one.
naw man, haha,
* i feel like i can do anything now

who can catch lightning in the bottle,
set fire to water,
commin out the nozzle on the fire hose flyout, and squat us

cinderella man, cinderella man, cinderella man, cinderella man.

smash an hour glass,
*** the sand,
take his hands an cuff em,
spin around to freeze the clock,
take the hands of time an cuff em.

theres a storm commin that the weather man couldn't predict,
i start the ball * you better flee cuz i get ticked
its a rap, i was down, when i was down i was kicked
i got up
im bout to punch ya to the ground, ya trick,
its a trap,
* my last cd this *s in my trash,
i be god damned if another rapper gets in my ass,
i hit the gas and i spit every rap as if its my last.
you can die in the blink of an eye,
so batchin ya eyelashes, and keep winking and blown kisses
cuz your flirting with death
im destroying your livelihood, i aint just hurting your rep,
i catch a flow and get goin,
no remorse, im showinn they slowin, for no one,
knowin there is nothing you can do about it
zero in on the target like a marksman,
the target is you,
i shut ya lane down,
took ya spot, parked in it too,
watchin it flow, lighter fluid, saliva what can ya do,
go get ya crew to hype ya up stand behind you like whoooo!
that boys hot enough to melt hell burn satan too,
fry his ass, and put his asses back together with glue,
see you can hate em, he don't blame you frankly he would too,
this game could ill afford to lose him,
how bout you?

now guess who who(hey),
heres a clue(hey),
he came to a ball in a wife beater
lost his nike shoe,
its in ya ass(hey),
he's in ya ass, he's all up in ya psychy too,
now whats his name

if i had a time machine, im missin you,

music is my time machine so call me,

* catching a lightnin
he struck it
screamed shut up and thunder,
flipped the world upside down and made it rain upward

rewound the future to the present,
paused it don't ask how,
* the past mother *er
he's the * right now he's

cinderella man
send the fellow shady dang came to wrap the game up
in cellophane,
raise hell from hell he came,
but didn't come to bore you with the cinderella story,
nor did he come to do the same,
he cant afford to be a label in this day in age,
and at this stage of the game
mediocrity cannot be allowed to fly,
so say bye,
to the O H I,
to the new case of rock
consider it as last of rod,
coop degraww
raise em high in the sky,
keep em up
time to bring the place alive,
thanks for bein patient
i will make no more mistakes,
* my potatoes baked,
hommie the veggies on my plate can fly,
my fillet is smoking weed,
get back if the steaks are high,
* i ain't even suppose to be here
by the grace of God,
the skin on my teeth
and the hair on my nuts
i skated by,
now y'all are on thin ice
with anchor weights i hate to lie,
how *in irritated are you,
how much in ya face am i,
it aint * you could do beferret,
prove us here in spirit
im the spittin image
ill mirror it
when i stand near it,
your pussy lyric,
i couldn't hear it,
who forms pyramids and raps circles around square Lyricists,
here's a clue.
he came to