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Bài hát: I'm Lost 2010

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I'm sorry that you keep blaming me for those things I do not do.
It's just that I'm a man who can't stand what you put me through.
Still it seems that I keep wanting you to love me for those things I cannot say
Still its not okay if you go walk away
I'm not right without you so i say..

I'm lost without you here in my arms
It's true what they say you don't know if you truly love someone til they are gone
Don't tell me you didnt belong cus i had a place for you in my heart
And no one can replace it
You were so wonderful that i gave it my all from the start
So i need you in my arms

Tell me what did you see happening for this thing to last this long?
When we met we were set for a life full of love
Despite all of our flaws
Still I can say I forgave you for causing all of my pain
I don't know what I did that was so wrong to you
That you just walked away.